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MISHA & PUFF: Garment Care


Caring For Your Knits

Proper care will elongate the life of your garments. All items were made with love and taking time to care for them with love will ensure they last a long, long time.

As a rule, hand washing in cold or tepid water will always lengthen the life of garments. However many of our items are made so that you can wash in the machine. Please see below for specifics.

Merino Wool:

Wool is naturally antibacterial, and does not need to be laundered very often.

Their merino is machine washable. It will not shrink or felt. Please wash in cold water.

This helps with color fastness and is gentler on the fibers. Tap cold is fine. Do not put in the dryer. Do not hang dry. Lay flat on a towel, and reshape, and let dry. When you can, dry outside out of direct sunlight.

We like detergent that is gentle and made for wool. Eucalin makes a lovely one as does the Laundress.

Please note: some garments contain high saturated and high contrast colors (i.e. bright red with white). Because of this, color bleeding is unavoidable. We recommend spot cleaning or dry cleaning for these garments.

Storing wool and alpaca:

Always wash your woolens before storing for long periods of time. Moths love dirty wool.

Store in an airtight container. Lavender or cedar are natural moth repellants.

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