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Right on Spot Long Sleeve Tee (1 LEFT)

Designer: KOOLABAH

$37.00 CAD $52.00 CAD



Long sleeve t-shirt.Black and white. Digital print. Regular fit, normal size.

100% Cotton, Jacquard Weave
Made in Portugal
  • Washed inside out in 40 degrees. No tumble dry, better for the clothes, better for the environment.

The collection ”Tales” is inspired by the magic and myth gathered by the Brothers Grimm in the 19th Century. Their stories have been part of the way children and adults learn about the vagaries of the real world and are in many ways present still today.

The patterns dominating this story are bold patterns illustrating popular characters from Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Town Musicians of Bremen, Little Red Cap, Hansel and Gretel, amongst others.

The collection also presents Koolabah’s signature prints, the irregular dots and stripes. This visual and tactile childrens’ wear story, allows us to mix fabrics, textures and prints in new ways. It´s confident and full of vibrant energy.

Koolabah is a Swedish design concept that creates fashion in unisex for small trendsetters from 3 months to six years. We want the clothes to be nice to look at with its minimalistic design and unique shapes, but at the same time we strongly focus on functionality and ergonomics. Edgy, timeless, in your face fashion that exudes individuality and attitude. Inspiration is drawn from the Scandinavian and the Japanese culture and elements from the 80´s are a recurring theme in the all our collections.

Their dream is to dress small trendsetters in edgy clothing with an attitude which not labels or categorizes them but gives them a chance to proclaim their individuality.


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