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Royal Castle Doll Cube


$26.00 CAD


Dolls Cube is a magic house! Transformable, it unfolds to 80cm and folds magically. Very light, you can take it to play anywhere. Imagine the most beautiful stories in this décor full of colors!

  • Drawings designed by artists
  • 70 stickers to decorate de house (furniture, plants, butterflies…)
  • Reversible dollhouse: interior + garden
  • Discover a dollhouse with an innovative concept!

20x20cm //Cardboard FSC certified // Made in Europe

    Mon Petit Art was born in 2007 from the desire to create a world to play and experiment, where imagination has no limit! Mon Petit Art proposes toys, games, artistic activities and stationary for kids and grown-ups. Mon Petit Art is the conception of the object step by step, from the idea to the fabrication. Mon Petit Art products’ are made in Europe, with certified materials that respect the environment.

    But what is Mon Petit Art, exactly? It’s My Little Art, Your Little Art, His Little Art, Her Little Art, Our Little Art! Lucila Yankelevich, creator of Mon Petit Art, makes games that everyone can transform following his imagination. Mon Petit Art means liberty in creation: cut, stick, color, write, draw, play and invent stories just as you like. These are games to try, to experiment and to grow up. Their artistic activities are supports to let fly imagination.

    Mon Petit Art likes to transform art into games: each of their creation is the fruit of a close collaboration with an artist that gives to the product its own universe and imaginary.

    Mon Petit Art is a bridge between kids and grown-ups, between parents and children. There is no age limit to live Mon Petit Art experience… and imagine in big!


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